Alex's is one of my go-to resource for actionable marketing advice. If you are not accessing his stuff you are missing out.
Jimmy Heibert, Ceo at Plick
I would recommend Alex to everyone looking to add a tremendous growth hacker to accelerate and improve their marketing.
Anna-Sofia Jonsson, Marketing Manager at Nshift

Who is it for?


  • Copy my exact system to start or boost your own freelance marketing business.

  • Thousands of hours packed into an easily accessible format. No need to watch through 150-hour courses.

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Startup CMOs

  • You need to move the needle fast and get things up and running. I got the exact steps and tactics for every stage you are in.

  • You're running a growth team and want to educate yourself to be a better leader.

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Startup Founders

  • Need to find that PM/F? I got your covered with my exact process you need to find your ideal spot on the market.

  • Stop wasting countless of hours on trial and error - I know what works and what doesn't.

Erik Rignér, Twyg

"Alex helped us immensely on our Linkedin ads. He has great knowledge of how to use the Linkedin ad platforms and the algorithms to maximize profits."

Fia Jonsson, Bitlog

"Alex has a wide toolbox of skills including everything from advertising and landing page UX, to lead generation and funnel optimization."

Jimmy Heibert, Plick

"Alex's is one of my go-to resource for actionable marketing advice. If you are not reading his stuff you are missing out."

Jenny Westerberg, Trivec

"Alex gives me good advice in related areas such as SEO, content creation and online marketing in general. I can truly recommend Alex!"

Diana Ceron, Dr. Berg Nutritionals

"Alex is a genius! My work has scaled thanks to his advice. He actually gives you the why, how and what to do for every scenario you might come across."

Per Hedberg, Flic

"Great collection of quality content posted on a regular basis."

Patrick Collins, Prospect-Labs

"Lots of new tips and tricks to keep learning."

Vojin Deronjic, Chosen Data

"Alex has definitely helped me in expanding my knowledge about growth marketing."

What's included 👇



Go To Market Strategies


Tools, Website and Automation

Marketing Technology



Paid Ad Funnels

Results Using My B2B Framework 🚀

Paid Search

Google Ads Results

Paid Social

Social Ads Results

Who's Alex Rangevik?

  • Built websites since 2005. Been converting visitors with Google Ads since 2008.

  • Worked for hyper-growth startups internationally in Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

  • Built numerous tools and services by myself. One even got 1K paying customers in 1 year with $0 ad spend.

  • Worked as a growth hacker for successful startups like MATCHi, Royal Streaming, Trivec, and Favro.

  • Built a growth hacking community to 8K+ members.

  • 10+ years working with some of the fastest growing companies in business and marketing roles.

  • Proud owner of 2 ragdoll cats 😻😺


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