Alex's is one of my go-to resource for actionable marketing advice. If you are not accessing his stuff you are missing out.
Jimmy Heibert, Ceo at Plick
I would recommend Alex to everyone looking to add a tremendous growth hacker to accelerate and improve their marketing.
Anna-Sofia Jonsson, Marketing Manager at Nshift

Google Ads is the ultimate channel for generating quality leads.

You will reach people who are interested in the products and services  you offer.

Ad spend is flexible and you can easily track ROI.

No ordinary set and forget management. I focus on continuous growth and a customer lifecycle strategy.

  • Setup of tracking and goals in Google Analytics and Google Ads

  • Ongoing position monitoring and bidding

  • Campaign structure, themes and ad copy

  • Continuous optimization of keywords and ads

  • Continuous optimization of target groups, locations, devices and demographics

  • Monthly recommendations and advice

  • Monthly campaign analysis and reporting

  • Serve ads in any country in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, French or Spanish

* scales with ad spend


From 690 € / month

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I am working with Alex to build up our paid search (Google Ads) structure and organisation for all our markets. What I really like with Alex is that he is sharp, know what he is doing, and it goes quickly. I can truly recommend Alex.

Jenny Westerberg

Group CMO at Trivec

Alex is is sharp, actionable and very knowledgable. For us as a startup, rapid insight generation is super-important and as a professional growth hacker, he excels at just that. It has been a pleasure working with Alex and I'm glad to recommend him to other startups.

Matilda Hannäs

Founder at Skillbreak

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great SEO is the king of all marketing channels, but it takes time and effort. Working on your SEO from the start alongside paid lead generation is a good strategy that pays off in the long run.

Continuous SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website in order to rise in the ranks of search engines. Directing relevant traffic and generate conversions – maybe a call, lead or a purchase.

  • Analyze, insights and planning. Understand the market and develop a strategy.

  • Fix current technical issues that hinders your ranking opportunities. It can be wrong canonicals, wrong sitemaps, bad load times, indexing-errors.

  • Improve current infrastructure of the site. Menus, navigation, UX, conversion optimization, internal linking, page titles, descriptions, and headings.

  • Grow by creating new pages and content that your site will rank for. Support your money keywords by expanding related content and internal linking.

    I can also help you develop briefs and create content rapidly with content writers I work with.

  • Monthly reports on current rankings, competition and progress towards your goals.

From €1000 / month

I had the opportunity to work with Alex at, and straight away I saw a talented, open person, who’s technical skills combined with Digital Marketing & SEO really helped grow the business.

Casper Schelde

Marketing Lead at

LinkedIn Ads

Find new customers that are not aware of your solution yet, or even that their problem can be solved.

Create demand and stay top of mind with personalized remarketing campaigns.

Serve ads to any social media platform that is tailored towards your ideal audience.

  • Development of target groups

  • Setup of initial campaigns and ads

  • Budget and distribution

  • Optimization of campaigns

  • Create new campaigns

  • Split testing of ads, audiences and technology

  • Monthly reporting of results

  • Monthly advice and recommendations

* scales with ad spend


From 690 € / month

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Alex helped us immensely on our Linkedin ads. He has great knowledge of how to use the Linkedin ad platforms and the algorithms to maximize profits.

As a bonus he gave great guidance on how to shape our Marketing strategy more broadly.

Erik Rigner

Founder TWYG

Alex is dedicated, hard-working, and shows true passion for your brand. I would recommend Alex to everyone looking to add a tremendous growth hacker to accelerate and improve their marketing.

Anna-Sofia Jonsson

Marketing Manager at nShift

Conversion Rate Optimization

You know how to build a great product, but you struggle to clearly show and explain it on your homepage.

Eliminate friction points and move users forward.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you driving potential customers to a site that doesn't convert? Let me help.

  • Feedback on messaging and positioning towards your audience.

  • Heatmaps and recordings analyzed with actionable feedback.

  • Landing page copy & messaging feedback.

  • Mobile vs. Desktop performance and what to improve.

  • Landing page layout of modules for optimal conversion rate.

  • How to you speak to all your different customer types.

  • Up to 3 pages / month

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Alex skills range from UX, Paid Acquisition Optimization, through to Content and Brand Strategy. He would be an invaluable addition to any team looking to accelerate growth and improve their product in a scalable way.

Royden James

Growth Director at Favro

Alex helped us out with our lead generation strategy and implementation, and I was impressed by the results we got. I'll easily recommend Alex.

Carlos Teixeira

Senior Manager at Bambora


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