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What is a good audience size for my budget, how many ads do I need and what about frequency?

Figuring out your audience size relative to your budget can seem like a bit of a puzzle. If your audience is too large for your monthly budget, you might not reach as many people as you'd hope. On the other hand, too small an audience could see your ads popping up too often, which might irritate potential customers.

Here's a crucial piece of the puzzle: frequency. It's a real game-changer. By adjusting your ad frequency, you can manipulate your audience size without messing with your budget.

This approach is backed by some pretty solid research too. Nielsen's 2017 study found that an ad frequency of 5 to 9 not only improves brand awareness but can also increase customer engagement by 51%. They also found a positive correlation between ad frequency and click-through rates.

But remember, like with most things in life, balance is key. If your ad is seen too often, it might get on people's nerves, while showing it too rarely might mean it doesn't leave a lasting impression.

Personally, I've found that an ad frequency of 5 often outperforms lower numbers like 1 or 2. So, if you're a newcomer to the market targeting a fresh audience, I'd suggest a frequency range of 5 to 10 per month, depending on the length of the campaign.

Finally, don't forget the importance of experimentation. Try out different ad creatives and continually test their effectiveness. This way, you can always be refining your approach, working towards finding the winning combination.

Enter your monthly budget in USD.

Pull up last month's data for this audience and find the Cost Per Impression (CPM). A CPM on LinkedIn currently hovers around 25-30$ within the business/tech industry.

Enter the number of months the campaign will run. The shorter the campaign the higher the frequency has to be.

A frequency between 5-10 per month is a good starting point, depending on how known your brand is to the audience.

1-3 months: 7-10 frequency. 3-6 months: 5-7 frequency.


This is the total number of impressions your campaign will generate, calculated as (budget / CPM) * 1000.

Number of ads

This is the ideal number of ads for your campaign, calculated as (50% of frequency) * Nr of Months.


This is the reach of your campaign, calculated as total impressions / frequency.

Ideal audience size

This is the ideal audience size with the budget you have entered, calculated as reach / 0.4 (as the typical percentage of your ICP that is on LinkedIn in a month is 40%).


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