diana ceron

Diana Ceron

"Alex is a genius! My work has scaled thanks to his advice. He actually gives you the why, how and what to do for every scenario you might come across."

diana ceron

Per Hedberg

"Great collection of quality content posted on a regular basis."

diana ceron

Patrick Collins

"Lots of new tips and tricks to keep learning."

diana ceron

Vojin Deronjic

"Alex has definitely helped me in expanding my knowledge about growth marketing."


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What my clients are saying 🤩

Alex is is sharp, actionable and very knowledgable. For us as a startup, rapid insight generation is super-important and as a professional growth hacker, he excels at just that. It has been a pleasure working with Alex and I'm glad to recommend him to other startups.

Matilda Hannäs

Founder at Skillbreak

I am working with Alex to build up our paid search (Google Ads) structure and organisation for all our markets. What I really like with Alex is that he is sharp, know what he is doing, and it goes quickly. I can truly recommend Alex.

Jenny Westerberg

Group CMO at Trivec

Alex helped us out with our lead generation strategy and implementation, and I was impressed by the results we got. I'll easily recommend Alex.

Carlos Teixeira

Senior Manager at Bambora

Alex skills range from UX, Paid Acquisition Optimization, through to Content and Brand Strategy. He would be an invaluable addition to any team looking to accelerate growth and improve their product in a scalable way.

Royden James

Growth Director at Favro

Alex's is one of my go-to resource for actionable marketing advice. If you are not accessing his stuff you are missing out.

Jimmy Heibert

CEO at Plick

I would recommend Alex to everyone looking to add a tremendous growth hacker to accelerate and improve their marketing.

Fia Jonsson

Marketing Manager at Returnado (nShift)

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