The problem: No Personalization, Automation or Growth

It is not enough anymore to set up ads and direct traffic to your homepage.

That might have worked 1997, but not 2020 unfortunately.

The digital marketing landscape has changed, and right now there is a massive shift toward authenticity and human connection.

Nobody wants to engage with a logo and template newsletters.

Consumers desire a business they can connect with.

A business that acts according to their needs with relevant and timely messaging.

To build a profitable business today, you must build a relationship with your customers.

And if you don’t, you’re going to lose.

Bad Practice B2B Marketing

The Solution: Excellent Content, Relevant Ads and Smart Email Marketing

A personalized lead funnel will attract people who are unfamiliar with your brand, establish a relationship with them over time, and when they are ready – convert them into paying customers.

The Process

The Lead Funnel Automation Service is my done-with-you program designed to help companies like yours implement a marketing automation system into your business.

I will help you build an effective system for generating leads, with clever email automation, personalized messages and event driven advertising.

If you become a client you will start to work with me over a 6 months period to implement a proven system you can use forever.

We will have calls on a weekly basis where we go through the road map I have laid out for you.

In order to implement you can break down the process of building a lead funnel in 4 parts:

1. Funnel Strategy
2. Email Automation
3. Paid Advertising
4. Scaling and Optimization

1. Funnel Strategy

Building a lead funnel always starts with a solid strategy.

This prevents your funnels from “leaking” later on down the line.

Without the right preparation, acquiring customers at profit and scale is not possible.

So you have to take the time to create and review your strategy first.

Don’t skip this part.

Here’s what part 1 covers:

1) Tools & Tracking
2) Funnel Visualization
2) Create/select Customer Persona(s)
3) Belief Journey
4) Segmentation
6) Create/select your Content & Lead Magnet

You should walk out of part 1 with a perfect idea of who your customers are, what your offer is, and how you’re going to sell it.

2. Email Automation

Phase two is all about getting the initial version of your Lead Funnel up and running.

You want it to be functioning, we want it to convert, and we want it set up for easy adjustments.

Here are part 2’s steps:

1) Build your automations
2) Install your segmentation
3) Write your Lead Email Sequence

Lead Funnel automations are automated emailing systems that combine segmentation with personalization to build an experience unique to the prospect.

I have developed proven systems that I will implement together with you.

3. Paid Ads

Once the first version of the Lead Funnel is finished, it’s time to monitor and improve it as you go along.

This cannot be effectively accomplished without setting up systems for iterative experimentation (copy, landing pages and messaging) — it must be prioritized within your company.

Instead of just Paid Advertising you can channel traffic through other means as well (organic, social, referrals etc).

However, the beauty of paid ads is that it allows you to set a growth experimentation engine that any other channel cannot compare with. You can run 10 different ads to to different audiences to try out your messaging and product / market fit within a couple of days.

Here’s what happens in part 3:

1) Set up your lead generation ads
2) Analyze test ad performance
3) Develop a system of growth-based experimentation

4. Scale & Optimize

At this point you’re ready to scale, to really invest money into your funnel — thus aiming to bring in as many qualified leads as possible.

The most important thing is to watch your KPIs like a hawk.

Usually, it’s the CPA of sales conversations and cost per sale. As long as that stays where we want it, we can continue to scale. If it starts to slip, we slow things down and improve our conversion rates before continuing.

With that in mind, here’s what happens in part 4:

1) Taking advantage of evergreen content
2) Expanding your audience
3) Create an automated retargeting funnel
4) Increasing ad spend and sales efforts

Yes, I want to know more.


Alex is is sharp, actionable and very knowledgable. For us as a startup, rapid insight generation is super-important and as a professional growth hacker, he excels at just that. It has been a pleasure working with Alex and I'm glad to recommend him to other startups.

Matilda Hannäs

Founder at Skillbreak

I am working with Alex to build up our paid search (Google Ads) structure and organisation for all our markets. What I really like with Alex is that he is sharp, know what he is doing, and it goes quickly. I can truly recommend Alex.

Jenny Westerberg

Group CMO at Trivec

Alex helped us out with our lead generation strategy and implementation, and I was impressed by the results we got. I'll easily recommend Alex.

Carlos Teixeira

Senior Manager at Bambora

Alex skills range from UX, Paid Acquisition Optimization, through to Content and Brand Strategy. He would be an invaluable addition to any team looking to accelerate growth and improve their product in a scalable way.

Royden James

Growth Director at Favro

Alex's is one of my go-to resource for actionable marketing advice. If you are not accessing his stuff you are missing out.

Jimmy Heibert

CEO at Plick

I had the opportunity to work with Alex at, and straight away I saw a talented, open person, who’s technical skills combined with Digital Marketing & SEO really helped grow the business.

Casper Schelde

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